Take advantage of the remaining warm summer days by funding a summer day out with a quick car title loan. Of course, it isn’t necessary to sign up for a quick car title loan just to take friends or family out on a camping trip, but it can provide that extra bonus that lets you check that task off your bucket list that may otherwise be out of your budget range.

There is a lot of fun outdoor activities that are exclusive to a hot day, and now is better than never! Whether that be taking a hike or playing in the water at a beach or visiting your favorite city, the longer you wait, the less likely your day out will be in the sun. Whether your last summer getaway is traveling to a city you’ve always wanted to see or a music festival you don’t want to miss, it is a good idea to plan your day beforehand, so you have enough time to prepare.

Start by writing down a number that you would feel comfortable spending for this trip and treat this as the maximum amount you will spend on this trip. Then you can start adding activities that you want to do on your summer getaway until the cost would put you over budget. Half of the fun is brainstorming what sites to visit, restaurants to eat at, and memories to make! Not only does setting up a thorough budget and in depth checklist of activities make for a fun and stress free vacation, you also avoid overspending.

So, get talking to your friends and family, determine if a quick car title loan will help, and decide when everyone can take time out of their schedules to make the most of the hot summer days before they are gone!