If you are wondering what bad credit auto title loans have to do with back-to-school, you haven’t raised a lot of children.  Back to school—whether you are going back or your kids are—is expensive.  School fees, books, subscriptions, equipment, choir dresses, and—oh—not to mention, laptops and cell phones.  Then don’t forget the clothing because kids grow out of things so quickly and college students, well, they don’t like to be left out of the fashion parade.  Something about fall just screams “new jeans!” and “new sweaters!” even though the temps are in the 90’s.

We’re here to help. Let’s first discuss how you can save money and then we’ll give a plug for bad credit auto title loans.

Save money through watching for sales first.  Labor Day is coming up, and so many things go on sale.  If you can wait until Labor Day weekend, you can save a bundle, particularly on clothes.  A lot of stores have school supplies on sale now—notebooks as low at ten cents, mechanical pencils, and everything else you need.  Look to the bigger department stores for these savings.

Next, leverage that student ID.  Many stores will give discounts to students, so use it if you can.

Finally, check out book rentals rather than purchases.  A lot of places will ship straight to your door, and you can visit some brick-and-mortar locations to check the condition of the books. You might want to wait until you are done changing classes and your schedule is locked before you rent, however.

Finally, if you can’t afford everything you need, but you still need it, come see us.  We don’t care if you have bad credit; we will work with you on an auto title loan regardless of your credit history.