College tuition is one of the most expensive hurdles you face early in life. Take a step back and consider your options for saving money, such as scholarships, concurrent enrollment, federal student aid, or an auto title loan.

The cost of tuition is on the rise, with an estimated growth of 8% each year, so there is an advantage to acting sooner rather than later. Making financial goals for yourself as early as high school is a great way to get ahead of the game and keep your wallet from taking a hit. There are plenty of criteria that scholarships look at that can award you with financial help through college, such as ACT scores, artistic/athletic ability, ethnicity, military affiliation, GPA, and much more. There are plenty of resources online that can help you find scholarship opportunities and alleviate some of the cost of college. There are also concurrent enrollment courses you can take in high school which provide college credit without the cost. This is a great way to knock out some general education courses to pave the way for your major.

Borrowing money in the form of a student loan or auto title loan can provide a quick relief when times are tight, but is often a short term strategy that pushes the burden of payment back a few months. However, with adequate planning and budgeting, it may be just what you need to finish a semester’s tuition.

When you make it on campus, don’t hesitate to apply for financial aid. Depending on your financial situation, you are eligible for a reduced rate for tuition. If your situation is more dire, you can always set college aside and spend time saving instead. But before giving up, see how much you can reduce the cost of your tuition with scholarships, financial aid, and an auto title loan.