When you find yourself down on your luck financially, take some time to consider your options and find out whether or not you meet the title loan requirements! In case you are unfamiliar with loans, a title loan is a secured loan, where you offer the title to your car as collateral for a sum of money. Now unfortunately, it isn’t unusual for the sum amount to be about half of the value of your car, so it is a risky gamble that is in favor of the lender. That is why it is a good idea to attempt other money making strategies before borrowing money.

If you decide a title loan is your best option, your next move is to gather the necessary materials and to find a loan that is fit for your situation. First of all, you will need to bring a form of valid ID, typically in the form of your state issued driver’s license. You will also need to bring proof of income via your last payroll check stub and your financial spending history via your last 30 days of bank activity. While many loans use your credit score as a marker of your reliability to repay, title loan requirements are less picky due to the guaranteed collateral. Last but not least, you will need to bring your vehicle title, to seal the deal. With these documents in hand, all that is left is to search for the title loan that offers the best loan for you and perhaps to talk with a financial advisor for help budgeting.

One last tip to keep in mind, is you should become familiar with the loan process before signing up. After all, meeting the title loan requirements is the first step to successfully overcoming your financial situation.