If you’ve thought of using an auto title loan lender to solve your financial troubles, but you are not sure of how to find a business that is reputable, honest, and has your best interests at heart, follow this advice so you aren’t taken advantage of by a dishonest website.

First, an auto title loan lender should be a business that is licensed to sell auto title loans in your state. Because the internet is everywhere, we tend to think we can do any business anywhere on it. That may be true for buying a t-shirt, but money transactions are a different story.  If an auto title loan lender isn’t licensed to provide loans in your state, you may have filled out an application and given your personal information to a group that can’t help you. Find out first.

Second, find out the details. Each auto title loan lender has their own terms and conditions, but the basic ones you need to learn are

  1. Can you keep driving your car?
  2. When will you get your cash?
  3. How much is the payment each month?
  4. Do you have a penalty if you pay it off early?
  5. Is your car one that they accept?

Every lender is different, and you need to know the details before you give anyone all your personal information.

Another good tip for finding a top auto title loan lender includes searching online reviews to see what people have said about them. You will probably find the most reviews through Google, but you can also go to Yelp and Facebook and other review sites. Remember with reviews that usually only the very happy and the very angry people leave them, so be smart when you read.