It’s Valentine’s Day and you don’t want to break the bank. In fact, you may not have a bank anymore.  You have options: a bad credit auto title loan can get you the cash you need to go to that fancy restaurant with your special someone, or you can find romantic things to do that won’t cost you much, or maybe anything at all.

Your first option for Valentine’s day is to do the typical thing: flowers, candy, amazing dinner at a swank restaurant. Maybe a beautiful bed and breakfast. A bad credit auto title loan can help make all those things happen, and you will have money left over to save for Easter or birthdays or mother’s and father’s day.  Or pay off some loans, consolidate credit cards. The options are endless.

But if you want to save money, you can have a great time without spending a dime. 

Consider how many museums you have around you. Go to a museum and find the most attractive person in a painting or statue you can. Now draw your own version of that masterpiece, but put your loved one’s face in place of the original.

Take two dollars and go to a dollar store. Spend 20 minutes finding each other the best gift that $1 each can buy.

Bake cookies or brownies or pie.  Hide the treat in a friend’s house or car. Make a treasure hunt for your Valentine so they end where the treat is.

Involve your friends in another way by playing spies. Create cryptic codes and plan ahead who will hide where, and what the code phrase will be.

Play board games. Decorate Valentine’s cookies together. Make paper Valentines, using giant cutout snowflakes as the lace décor.

Your opportunities are endless—with or without cash. Happy Valentine’s day!