If your Christmas list is long and your bank account is short, you may need some help getting through the season without losing your sanity.  Title loans may be just the ticket to help you.  Rather than running up your credit card or delaying paying your utility bill, consider using your car or truck as collateral for a loan that you can use to get you through the gift and party season. A title loan is a quick answer to a stressful financial crisis, and you can use it right away.

Helpful Title Loans

Title loans may be your best bet for last-minute money problems because you don’t have to have good credit and you can get the cash right away. A title loan is based on the value of your vehicle since you use the vehicle as collateral for the loan. Because of this financial model, a title loan doesn’t require a credit check. Credit checks depend on the financial history of the borrower: if you repay loans quickly, don’t forego your rent or utilities, pay your medical bills on time…all those things add up to a great credit score.

Some of us haven’t checked all those boxes, so our credit is not something financial institutions consider a safe bet for a loan. However, title loans don’t require great credit. They require a car, truck, RV, or motorcycle, in good shape.

If you can tick that box, and if you meet other requirements like job status and having a bank account, you can get a title loan. And the great thing about these loans is that they don’t take a long time. A typical loan can take a week or two to put in place, but you can apply for a title loan and have the cash the same day. Just in time for Christmas.