When you are planning all your Christmas festivities and gifts, you might find yourself making some money decisions that can haunt you until next Christmas. A car title loan can help you avoid the trap of maxing out several credit cards and frantically paying them off for months in the new year.

Car Title Loan

One great way to use a car title loan is as a one-place-for-all loan consolidator. If you know you can meet all your financial needs this holiday season, don’t load up two or three or four credit cards, then juggle paying them off well into the new year. Those minimum payments can make life miserable as you try to pay each one off in turn or pay all of them a small amount each month, never paying anything off.

Instead, put all your loan needs in one spot—a car title loan—and then make your payments all to one place. You avoid the constant worry that way, and you give yourself the chance to repay the loan more quickly because you aren’t making so many minimum payments.

How does it work? You use your vehicle as collateral to fund your loan. We hold the title to your vehicle until your loan is repaid, and you keep your car, truck, or other vehicle to use so you can keep your job and maintain your normal lifestyle.  You get the money you need without a credit check and without worry about how you are going to meet all those financial obligations.

Of course, in any situation, the best course of action is to plan ahead. So, if you can get through the holidays without debt of any sort, you will be far better off. But if your backup plans have left you a little short this year, give us a call and see what we can do for you.