If you need cash now, but you are worried about your credit score, you need to look at bad credit loans in Scottsdale. You need someone who can get you the loan you need without having to rely on your credit score to determine whether you are a good credit risk. How can we do that? We use your vehicle for collateral rather than worrying about whether you have a high enough number on a spreadsheet. We look at the practical side of the situation so you can get the money you need regardless of your standing on a credit company’s list.

Bad Credit Loans in Scottsdale

Bad credit loans in Scottsdale are available if you know where to go. Credit scores are built on a few factors: have you paid your bills on time? Have you built up good credit by using a credit card and paying it off regularly? Have you ever bought a car or a home and paid it when you were supposed to? All of those things are good things and they show that you are reliable when it comes to paying off loans. That is what gives you a credit score.

But not everyone has a great score on those counts. Sometimes you run into financial difficulty with health problems, a car that is a lemon, jobs that fall through. When those things happen and you can’t keep up with your financial obligations, your credit score suffers, and then you can’t get the money you need when the next big thing hits.

That is where we come in. We don’t rely on that score. Instead, we work with you, using your vehicle as collateral for the loan so you can start rebuilding your credit while you dig yourself out of the emergency now.