Marana title loans may be a complete mystery to you if you have never needed to borrow money from a title loan business. If that is the case, we are here to clear the mystery up. If you want to know what you have to have, what the terms are, and how the loans work, keep reading and we’ll try to answer all your questions.

Marana Title Loans

First, what do you need to have for Marana title loans? Title loans, as well as their little brother, registration loans, work on using your vehicle for collateral for a loan. So, the first thing you need is a vehicle. Many kinds of vehicles work: cars, pickups, motorcycles, RV’s. You need to either own the vehicle outright or you need to be paying it off. If you own it outright, bring in the title. If you are paying it off, bring in the registration. You will also need bank statements, personal identification, and pay stubs. Check the list on the website for a completely list of what.

Next, how do Marana title loans work? First, we verify all the paperwork you bring in. We also look at the condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle qualifies, we can proceed to the “how much?” question. The amount we can loan you will depend on whether you own the vehicle, how old it is, and the condition. Because we are using your vehicle as collateral, we cannot loan you more than it is worth, and we cannot use some vehicles because they are not worth enough to make the loan feasible. Also, if you are still paying off your vehicle loan, we cannot loan you more than you have paid off.

Finally, the terms. We spell them out in the contract you sign, so you are fully aware of how much you are borrowing, what the interest rate is, how long you have to repay the loan, the date of each month your payment is due, and what happens if you cannot repay the loan. We are here to help, not to trick you, so we will be very up front about what your loan involves.