A title or registration loan is a great way to get cash quickly when you don’t qualify for a conventional loan. But you may wonder what types of vehicles qualify for title loans in Marana, and the answer is . . . all kinds. We have some limitations, but since you probably want some general guidelines, let’s start with that.

Title Loans in Marana

If you want to know about title loans in Marana, let’s start with the difference between a title loan and a registration loan. A title loan means that you own the car, your name is on the title. A registration loan—less common and less money—means that you are still paying off the car. A bank, credit union, maybe your great-aunt actually owns the car.

The next question concerning title loans in Marana is whether you can get loans on more than one vehicle that you own. The answer is probably not, so plan on just using one vehicle. How do you know which to choose? Well, part of the equation is how old the car is and what condition it’s in. As you probably know, a car depreciates the minute it is driven off the new car lot, so you can’t value a car at what you paid for it. It’s worth will be determined by its age, the mileage, and the condition it’s in. As a vehicle becomes older, it is gets beat up or has high mileage, it is worth less than if it is cared for or driven less.

What we loan you depends on all those factors.

As to what type of vehicle you can use for a title loan, we take all types. We can loan you money against cars (sedans, coupes, even station wagons), trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUV’s), and even motorcycles and RV’s.