Bad credit personal loans in Green Valley are a niche loan solution to help people whose credit is not in great shape. If you have a low credit score, you probably already know that you won’t get a loan from a bank or credit union to help you consolidate credit card loans or to pay for whatever else you need. Because those institutions rely on a credit score to determine whether you are a good credit risk—whether you are likely to repay a loan—they won’t loan you money. We will.

Bad Credit Personal Loans in Green Valley

What we mean by bad credit personal loans in Green Valley is that we use collateral instead of credit scores to loan you money. What collateral? Your vehicle. We can use the title or registration to determine how much we can loan you, and that vehicle secures your loan. This type of loan has some great benefits and, of course, accompanying risks.

The benefits are that when you use a title loan, you can get the money within minutes of completing your loan application. You don’t have to worry about a low credit score, either. We don’t even check your credit score. Also, if you repay the loan on time, working with us can help improve your credit score.

As with anything, however, there are risks to getting a vehicle title loan. The main one is that if you don’t repay your loan, you will lose your vehicle. Using your vehicle to secure a loan—using it as collateral—means that the vehicle becomes ours in the event you cannot repay the loan. To get a bad credit personal loan in Green Valley, you assign us your title until you have repaid the loan.

As long as you repay it, however, this kind of loan can be a lifesaver in getting you the cash you need when you need it.