We all have financial troubles now and then, and if we are fortunate and good planners, we have a rainy day fund. Sometimes, that fund isn’t big enough, however, and we need a car title loan in Scottsdale. To keep you from having to draw on emergency resources like car title loans, we’d like to give you a few tips to avoid having financial troubles. These are tried and true methods, and if you follow them, you will rarely have those emergency funding needs.

Car Title Loan in Scottsdale

You have three main strategies to avoid having to get a car title loan in Scottsdale: first, figure out what your expenses are. Second, make and follow a budget. Third, start an emergency fund. These three basic ideas will prevent a lot of financial problems over time.

The first approach—figuring out what your expenses are—is the hardest for a lot of us. It requires tracking every penny you spend, and what with credit cards as well as online banking, buying, and bill paying, we are often just not aware of where the money goes. If you can track every penny for at least a month, you will likely have very few surprises after that.

After you have a full list of where the money goes, you need to create a budget. Most of us are tempted to make an idealized budget, not a realistic one. You want to set money aside for saving, but if you are too tight on what you will spend, you won’t follow the budget, and you’ll be right back where you started. Be realistic about what you will and won’t do.

As you build that budget, plan on setting aside a set amount every paycheck or every month. Ideally, you set aside 10%, but anything is better than nothing, so start with what you can afford. Decide what constitutes an emergency, and keep tracking that spending so you stay within your budget.

Then, when those emergencies do arise, you can always come to us for a car title loan in Scottsdale, but maybe you won’t have to.