Not everyone has great credit. For some of us, circumstances have prevented that high credit score that banks demand for loans. If that person is you or someone you know, you should also know that the best bad credit personal loans are available through 3H Financial Group. We can help you bridge the gap when you need a loan now, but don’t have the credit banks require.

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Banks are great institutions, and nearly everyone uses them. When you need a loan to get you through a tight spot, though, banks are often not the place to go. Their lending requirements are frequently a little too rigid for a quick personal loan. And sometimes they take too long. That’s where we come in: for the best personal loans bad credit, you need 3H Financial Group.

At 3H Financial Group, our lending policies are based on your work history and your income, not on credit scores. We can usually help you through the qualifying process in less than an hour, so you have your loan quickly and with no fuss. All you need to bring is your last four pay stubs, a record of 60 days of bank activity, your vehicle registration, and your Arizona driver’s license.

You are likely wondering how much you qualify for. Click on our Loan Questionnaire link, and you can see the amounts of loans, based on income, listed at the bottom. Fill out the questionnaire to get a jump on your paperwork before you come in. We really are the place for the best bad credit personal loans, and our goal is to help you with a strategy to get the money you need and a repayment schedule you can live with. You’ll walk out the door with the loan in hand and all your questions answered.