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Getting a Registration Loan or Title Loan is Simple
Do you have questions about registration loans and title loans? Call today to talk with one of our loan experts…no pressure, just answers.
Whether you need choose a vehicle registration loan or a car title loan, the process is virtually the same. If you do not understand the difference between the two, please call and we’ll be happy to take all the time needed to explain it to you.

Step 1: Meet With Us

Come to one of our locations and meet with us. We’ll discuss your needs, set some strategies, and figure out how to get you the cash you need.

Step 2: Fill Out Paperwork

Like any other loan, there is paperwork that we will need you to fill out. Below, you’ll see a list of the information you will want to bring with you.

Step 3: Get Your Money

We should know in the matter of 10-15 minutes whether you are approved and how much you are approved for. Once approval comes in, we’ll get your check.

Step 4: Make Your Payments

By the time you leave with your check, you will know how much each of your payments will be as well as the pay off date for your loan. Now, it’s just making your on-time payments.
Information To Bring With You

For every loan we do, the following documents are required in order to process a loan for approval. Make sure you bring:
• Arizona Issued Drivers License
• Your Last 30 Days Bank Activity
• Your Last Payroll Check Stub
• Your Vehicle Registration

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